The Last Match by Anna Ziegler


We are thrilled to present:


by Anna Ziegler

Playing July 23 – September 1 

“The routine back-and-forth of a hard-fought match…approaches the ineffable radiance of one of those moments that tennis fans live for. Time seems to stop in such moments, even as it extends into eternity.”

-The New York Times

“A tennis match with no net, no balls, and no rackets proves gripping in Anna Ziegler’s new play… Ziegler manages to dramatize a very realistic and quite exciting tennis match between perfectly matched players…Like those invisible balls, the dialogue whizzes by at warp speed.” 


About the play:

It is the quarterfinal of the U.S. Open and rising Russian tennis player Sergei faces the former six-time champ, aging All-American Tim Porter. In Anna Ziegler’s incendiary play, we witness the entire match through the minds of these fierce warriors. As each point is played, we learn what goes on in the heads of the players, the relationships and life decisions that focus them to win or cause them to stumble. In this exciting and whip smart play, the tennis match becomes more than just a game and becomes an insight into the mind of the elite athlete.


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