Sacramento Ballet at The Sofia

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The Sofia stays committed to the local arts community by hosting several arts organizations. In the first year The Sofia opened its doors to the Sacramento Ballet, The Sacramento Women’s Chorus, CORE Dance, and the Creativity Summit. This week, the Sacramento Ballet takes over Sutter Theatre for Children with their performance of Fast Forward. B Street Theatre’s Artistic Associate Sean Patrick Nill interviewed the ballet’s Artistic Director Amy Seiwert about her first year in Sacramento, the ballet’s upcoming performance, and Sacramento Art Institutions working together. 

How long have you been the Artistic Director at the Sacramento Ballet? 

It will be a year in July. This weekend’s performances, Fast Forward, mark the end of my first curated season with the company. It’s been an amazing first year so far.

What are your thoughts on Sacramento’s support of arts organizations? 

There is a community here of highly committed patrons and organizations that are incredibly supportive; they are helping the scene thrive. We are hoping to grow that family of people who are in love with the Sacramento Ballet and what we do.

The arts here do have a challenge. The City of Sacramento does not financially support the non-profit arts organizations at the same level of many other American cities our size. Though the City put considerable resources into building the Creative Edge plan, how can it be implemented without adequate funding? Though there is ample research showing the arts as an economic driver, and community consensus of the need for cultural equity, as a municipality, we are not fully making those investments.

Photo by Keith Sutter. Featuring Kaori Higashiyama and Richard Smith

How many performances has the Sacramento Ballet performed at The Sofia?

This season we did two series of four shows each. For 2019-20 we’re expanding that to three series.

Why did the Sacramento Ballet decide to come to The Sofia?

It is an excellent venue for us. The audience can experience our artists in an intimate setting with exceptional production values. This creates a unique experience for the viewer; the physicality and emotion is so close that it can have a significant impact without being overly theatrical.

Photo by Keith Sutter. Featuring Ava Chatterson and the Sacramento Ballet Company 

Why is The Sofia a great space for both the Sacramento Ballet and for Sacramento in general?

Whenever a community comes together for a performance, there is the potential for a cathartic experience. Given the sheer magnitude of options that modern society has for entertainment, this is one thing the performing arts have over Netflix. B Street thought this theater through so well; it truly is a place for the community to come together.

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Photo by Rudy Myers. Featuring the Sutter Theatre for Children

The Sacramento Ballet performs at The Sofia from May 16 through May 19. Go to or to purchase tickets to see the best dancers in Sacramento in the city’s most beautiful live entertainment venue. 




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